What To Expect When Taking Piano Lessons As An Adult

Adult Piano Lessons

A lot of adults struggle with wanting to learn the Piano. Finger agility, patience, time and motivation to practice are all things we commonly hear when people are wanting to take Adult Piano Lessons.

Listen, we get it.

But let’s look at what we can do to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn or get better at.

Get Your Fingers Coordinated

Getting your fingers moving is half the battle. 

If you can’t be near a Piano, try doing some simple coordination exercises touching your thumb to each of your 4 fingers. 

This can be done in the car or even at a dinner date under the table.

Start with Thumb/Index, Thumb/Middle, Thumb/Ring, Thumb/Baby finger on your left or right hand then switch it up to be different combinations of fingers on both the Left and Right hand.

It’s easiest at first to do identical patterns with both hands at the same time but try to mix it up so that it’s a different pattern for each hand. That’s where this is going to help your fingers and brain!

Find Songs You Really Want To Learn

Whether you’re an Adult or a Child, having songs that you are familiar with or inspire you to play the Piano is very important.

If you have the goal of playing a particular song, you’re going to be more likely to sit down at the Piano to learn it. 

Pick a few songs and ask your Piano teacher if your songs are too hard, what you can do to get to the point where you can play it or if there is maybe an easier version you can try.

Regular Practice Is Key

Sometimes our lives can get too busy to practice. Distractions from social media and life in general can play a huge role in not wanting to play the piano.

Try to set up a regular routine of 20 minutes of practice for Adult Piano Lessons before work or after dinner.

Having the goal of a performance for your spouse or even an adult showcase can be a great motivator too.

If you don’t know what kind of goals you should be thinking about, talk to your Piano teacher. They’ll be able to help you find things you can do to help motivate and keep you practicing.

How To Keep Piano Lessons Fun

Your piano teacher should be fun and supportive. Mistakes are all a part of learning anything. Getting positive reinforcement when you make mistakes is how you’re going to learn. We want you to relate to your piano teacher so you feel comfortable and supported.

That said, people relate to different types of teachers. Some like a strict Piano teacher, others like a relaxed easy going teacher. Piano teachers are everywhere. Work with a Piano teacher that you feel comfortable with your beginner piano lessons who can support you on your music journey. 

Playing games or recognizing notes locations on the Piano or how chords are constructed can help in the beginning stages  of learning the Piano. Even simple repetitive riffs or Piano licks that can be sped up over time can keep things engaging for the student too.

Just because one Piano teacher didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean you have to keep taking lessons with them. Look for a Piano Teacher you can connect with.

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