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What To Expect When Taking Piano Lessons As An Adult

Adult Piano Lessons

We see a lot of adults who want to take Piano lessons.

This is so exciting for us! We want to help you learn!

Here’s what you need to know.

Something to practice on 

Do you have an acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard yet?

If you don’t, you can buy or rent one from most local music stores or purchase online. You don’t need a full 88-weighted keyboard though (eventually it will come in hand but not necessary at first). A keyboard with 60 keys (or 5 octaves) will do just fine.

How much time should I be practicing the Piano?

Not as much time as you think for Adult Piano Lessons!

If you have 15-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week (to start) you will be well on your way to learning the Piano as an Adult.

Practice needs to be consistent though.

Try a schedule of Monday to Friday after dinner for around 20 minutes and take the weekend off. Every day of practice is going to get you closer to your goal of playing the Piano!

That said, the more challenging the pieces get, you will need to practice more. And the more practice you do, the faster you’ll get to play what you want to play!

Setting Goals

Having the goal of a Piano performance for your spouse, friends, kids or even an adult showcase can be a great motivator to practice too. 

If you don’t know what kind of goals you should be thinking about, talk to your Piano teacher. They’ll be able to help you find things you can do to help motivate and keep you practicing the Piano.

Find songs you want to learn

Whether you’re an Adult or a Child, having songs that you are familiar with or inspire you to play the Piano is very important.

If you have the goal of playing a particular song, you’re going to be more likely to sit down at the Piano to learn it. 

Pick a few songs and ask your Piano teacher if the songs you picked are too hard. If they are too difficult, ask your teacher if there is an easier version you can try.

Very often a more difficult song can be simplified to fit the level of the piano student as well, so ask your piano teacher!

Self-sabotage when learning the Piano

Learning the Piano is a constant Journey that never ends. There is no such thing as failing (unless you fail to try).

No one at my lessons is ever judged for:

  • Making mistakes
  • Not remembering finger placement
  • How to say the musical alphabet backwards
  • Stopping to think about what they reading and how it relates to their fingers and the piano
  • Having a bad week for practice

Remember, you are hiring a piano teacher to help make you a better Piano player. They are there to help you, not judge you.

How to keep Piano Lessons fun

Your piano teacher should be fun and supportive. Mistakes are all a part of learning anything.

Getting positive reinforcement when you make mistakes is how you’re going to learn. We want you to relate to your piano teacher so you feel comfortable and supported.

That said, people relate to different types of teachers. Some like a strict Piano teacher while others like a relaxed, easy-going teacher they can talk to.

Look up some reviews online for Piano lessons near me or call the teacher to have a consultation.

Finding a piano teacher

Piano teachers are everywhere in your city. I highly recommend working with a Piano teacher who’s well known for beginner piano lessons or piano lessons for adults and can support you on your music journey. 

In my adult Piano lessons, we do a lot of laughing, encouragement and not taking ourselves too seriously. Bottom line, to me, Adult Piano lessons should be fun!

If one piano teacher isn’t a good fit for you, don’t give up! Look for a supportive Piano Teacher. One you can talk to and connect with.

Am I too old to learn how to play the piano?

Absolutely not! We’ve had students into their mid-90s take piano lessons.

Remember, at any age, this is a great exercise for your brain!

Who is Lora Wentworth?

Lora Wentworth is a Piano Teacher in Kelowna and also teaches Saxophone lessons near me.

The Upbeat Music Academy Kelowna serves Kelowna, Rutland, Wilden, Lake Country, Kettle Valley and West Kelowna

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