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5 Things You Should Know About Beginner Piano Lessons

Learning the Piano should be enjoyable and create a lifelong skill!

Here Are 5 things you should know about beginner Piano Lessons

  • Make it Fun
  • Play Music Games (For Kids)
  • Don’t worry about your progress
  • Set realistic goals
  • Focus on building trust

Make it Fun

In my Piano lessons, I try hard to keep it fun. 

Joking with the students and keeping a light-hearted environment is very important to me when learning. It’s not that getting work done and teaching Piano lessons isn’t important. It’s just that to me, it should be about having fun and enjoying the process.

Play Music Games (For Kids)

I love to give Piano students games that we can work on to reinforce the positive through repetition. If it’s a young student, maybe we’ll start by showing them where “C” is and then asking them to find the all other “C’s” on the Piano as a part of their lesson while giving them praise when they get it right.

Making mistakes are not a negative part of taking Piano lessons and learning to me. Mistakes are how we learn and are kind of celebrated in a way. 

Don’t worry about your progress

It’s honestly not about the end result, it’s about the journey. Sometimes it can take time for a student to get the concepts of playing the piano. Don’t worry about how long it takes. Repetition is the Key to success!

Set realistic goals

No one is going to start playing Mozart at their first Piano lesson.

We should strive for short songs that can easily be played by the end of a few weeks. Then we celebrate the musical accomplishment. Before you know it, we’ll be playing harder and harder music!

Focus on building trust 

Teaching Piano lessons is all about the relationship with the student. Connecting with them, asking how they are doing and getting to know them one week at a time. 

My piano students mustn’t feel judged or shamed in any way for anything. I want them to feel safe and comfortable while learning the Piano.

Students won’t get to get in trouble for having some bad practice weeks. But should stay the course and stick with the goals we’ll set. If there are some bumpy weeks, no problem, we’ll get through it.

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