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Beginner Guitar Lessons 

I’ll be honest, learning the Guitar can be difficult.

It looks easy and sounds amazing when someone else is playing it but, how do you get started to sound like that?

3 suggestions to get better faster on the Guitar

  • Keep your expectations reasonable
  • Learn how to hold a guitar pick “properly”
  • Learn how to anchor your forearm, wrist or finger to increase accuracy

Keep your expectations reasonable 

There are so many students I’ve had (including myself) that when they start they have it in their head they’ll be able to play really difficult songs and guitar solos right away.

I hate to say it but that’s not possible. You’re not going to play an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on the second week on the Guitar.

Keep your expectations to a reasonable level. You need to start with a foundation and build on that.

Start with learning Guitar Riffs, open chord shapes like G, C, D and E minor and a few fundamental strumming patterns and you’ll be well on your way to tackling your favourite songs along with many “classics.

Learn how to hold a guitar pick “properly”

Another problem I see so often are students not holding their pick properly.

Look, I know you’ll want to run to Youtube and see what you can learn for free but, being in person with a Guitar teacher to monitor what your doing and offering suggestions is going to save you months or even years of mistakes.

Holding the pick, using very (VERY) little of the tip off the side of your thumb (NOT THE TIP OF THE THUMB LIKE YOUR FINGER NAIL AND YOUR WRIST BENT) is going to help immensely for picking and strumming.

Your Anchor is crucial

There are many ways to improve your accuracy when learning the Guitar.

Having an anchor with your forearm or wrist to pivot on is really important. How else are you going to feel the strings and know or judge where to pick or strum?

If you’re strumming, anchor your forearm at your elbow near the back upper corner. When picking, anchor your hand on the bridge or rest your baby finger on the pick guard or below the first string (high E).

There are so many things to learn and a good teacher can help save your so much time.

If you’re interested, give us a shout. We can do online lessons or if your in Kelowna, in person lessons.

So to recap 3 suggestions to get better faster, Beginner Guitar students should:

  • Keep your expectations reasonable
  • Learn how to hold a guitar pick “properly”
  • Learn how to anchor your forearm, wrist or finger to increase accuracy

About Noel Wentworth

Whether you’re looking for someone who can help you learn how to play the guitar, or if you’re already a guitarist and want some advice on how to improve your skills, Noel Wentworth is the teacher for you.

As a Guitar teacher Noel has been teaching Guitar lessons for over 25 years. His lessons are designed with your specific goals in mind: whether that’s learning how to play a certain song, mastering a certain chord progression or developing more confidence on stage at open mic night.

Students 9 and up.

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Beginner Guitar Lessons with Noel Wentworth

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Noel Wentworth is a Guitar, Bass and Ukulele teacher for the Upbeat Music Academy Kelowna.
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